Brandi Glanville & Kenya Moore's Feud Reaches Epic Heights

Brandi GlanvilleBrandi Glanville and Kenya Moore's feud has reached mach whatever-a-high-mach-is. Back in February, Kenya took Brandi to task for the infamous (and awful) remarks she made about black people not being able to swim. Brandi, rather than being apologetic, said that she had no time for a woman who made it her business to flirt with another woman's husband. Ouch. Low-blow, Brandi. Though to be fair, both women aren't afraid to pick a fight. Talk about a perfect storm. 

Now both women are starring on The Celebrity Apprentice, and rumor has it that they didn't call a truce before taking to the small screen together. Majorly awkward for all parties involved. And potentially problematic -- since they are on the SAME TEAM on Trump's show. This will end well for no one. Don't they realize they'll have to work together unless they want to hear The Donald utter his legendary catchphrase? Apparently not. 


You'd think they would be able to swallow their pride for charity, but that hasn't been the case. Folks report that while at their first challenge at Pie Face this week, they wouldn't even look at each other. In their continuing efforts to avoid having to deal with their respective enemy, both women spent more time talking to fans and taking pictures than they did helping out their team. 

How can they be more afraid of confronting each other than they are of crossing Kate Gosselin and Vivica Fox?! I wouldn't want to anger either one of those women. If that meant playing nice with a woman I previously talked smack about, so be it. We know that all of the Housewives love them a little bit of drama. But they also love touching apologies and making amends. Hopefully Kenya and Brandi can work out the hurtful things they've said about each other in the past and move forward. Otherwise it could mean they get the boot from the show early. And I think we all know that we don't want to see that happen! 

Do you think Kenya and Brandi will ever kiss and make up?


Image via Bravo

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