Kailyn Lowry's Dream Wedding Cost Her Far More Than We Realized (VIDEO)

kailyn javi confessions teen mom 2 aftershowIt was blatantly clear from this week's episode of Teen Mom 2 that Kailyn Lowry absolutely treasured her wedding day. The event really did end up becoming the dream come true she had always hoped for.

But as is the case for many brides and grooms, ensuring that it was a day to remember came at quite a hefty cost.


During the Teen Mom 2 aftershow, Kailyn described the lengths she and Javi went to for their Big Day:

We emptied our savings account for this wedding, because I knew that no matter what happened to my life, this is my one and only wedding that I will ever have. And it turned out to be everything I wanted it to be.

Wow, having spent all of their savings on their "I do"s couldn't possibly have been an easy decision. As a recent bride myself, I can definitely attest that once the bills are paid, even if you can say you feel that it was money well-spent, having spent so much -- even if it isn't all of your savings -- on one day is still very much a tough pill to swallow.

Ultimately, though, all you can do is try to be on the same page about your financial plan and move forward. Fingers crossed that Kailyn and Javi are back to rebuilding that savings account together, because now that they've officially started their life together, there are sure to be more exciting milestones -- and, in turn, expenses -- to come!

Here's the aftershow clip where the couple discusses the cost of their wedding day ...


What do you think about what Kailyn and Javi did to pay for their wedding day?

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