'16 & Pregnant' Star Defends Her Second Pregnancy

justin lane and ashley salazar 16 and pregnant16 and Pregnant star Ashley Salazar made major headlines this week when she announced that she's expecting her second child. Of course there was some nasty backlash, but also a lot of support for her, as well. Either way, though, Ashley is on the defense, having written a blog post on her site BittersweetBlessing.com to explain that she and her boyfriend Justin Lane are indeed ready this time around and that this pregnancy was "practically planned."


Ashley writes:

I know it’s early to announce, but I’m so excited and I’ve had two doctor visits already and my body is holding the baby perfectly! ... This wasn’t an “accident” this time. Not to say that Callie was accident, but at 17 and 18, we definitely weren’t ready for a baby. We are 22 and 23, both doing extremely well for ourselves and sure, we aren’t married, but have we ever done things traditionally?

Ashley goes on to explain that she and Justin plan to get married sometime after the baby comes (how very Kim and Kanye of them!), and she "will be an official college graduate" come May.

Sounds like the couple has most of their ducks in a row this time around. Good for them! Congratulations are most definitely in order.

How do you feel about the backlash Ashley is facing over this pregnancy?


Image via Ashley Salazar/Facebook

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