Maci Bookout Comes to Terms With Big Plan for New Body Art

maci bookout back tattooWhile she's not the most inked Teen Mom star by far, Maci Bookout loves herself some body art. She's had a massively detailed piece on her back for some time now, and others here and there. Now, apparently, Maci is facing the fact that it's time another part of her body get tattooed.

She took to Twitter yesterday to confess where and when she's planning to ink up ...


Ha, aww, Mace. You're right not to fight it! Definitely best to just come to terms with it! Can't wait to see how she'll tattoo her arm. Full-sleeve? Half? One thing's for sure: She'll have no problem getting plenty of advice about the piece from her fellow Teen Mom stars.

What do you think Maci should have tattooed on her arm?

Image via Maci Bookout/Twitter

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