'Scandal' Star's Arrest Could Mean Big Punishment for Him ... & Viewers

Columbus Short of TV's Scandal ArrestedColumbus Short, the actor who plays the role of Harrison Wright on ABC's gripping drama Scandal, is battling a scandal of his very own (I'm so sorry). I don't think Olivia Pope will be able to get him out of this one. Because although she is based on a living being, she is not, actually, real. And more is the pity. Because he is in a significant amount of trouble.

Short is facing felony charges after an incident that took place in a bar. The victim and several witness allege that Short viciously beat the man in question until he "appeared dead." There are photos. They are very, very upsetting. This wasn't your average bar fight. The dude Short is suspected of attacking is rumored to have provoked him. Whatever his reasons were for popping off, one thing is for sure -- now there's a whole lot more than just his career at stake.


Before losing his cool, the man was said to be taunting Short. Witnesses quoted him as saying, "You might be richer than me but I get my girls to buy me everything I want including your wife." I can kind of see losing your cool over something like that. That guy was clearly a giant douche. But why let this nobody get to him? Methinks alcohol must have been involved. That wouldn't be surprising. They were at a bar, after all.

Short faces up to four years in jail if he's convicted of these charges. That won't affect just him, it will also impact the show where he works. Obviously they aren't afraid to kill off characters, but we don't know what their plan is right now for Harrison. I'd hate to see the show have to go the way Ally McBeal did when Robert Downey Jr. was arrested. They had to change everything and it hurt the show. Here's hoping it works out for all parties involved.

Do you think Short's attack was justified?


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