Leah Calvert Makes Emotional Statement About Her Marriage to Jeremy

Leah & Jeremy Calvert

It can't be easy to have your problems laid out for the world to see on TV, which is why Leah Calvert is defending her marriage yet again. Based on what's happening on Teen Mom 2 these days, it's easy to see why fans would question whether or not she and Jeremy are really going to make it for the long haul.

I mean, she's even been sharing their struggles with her ex, Corey Simms, which can easily be seen as a red flag that things are falling apart between her and Jeremy.

But now Leah is clearing up the rumors about a possible split once and for all.


She posted this message to her Facebook page, which should put to rest any more talk about she and Jeremy heading to splitsville.

Jeremy Calvert and I are married and living in the same home. We are not divorced. Sorry some disagree with how things have been portrayed on the show to make you feel so ill toward me. Life is a learning process for everyone in life and nobody is perfect and we all have our different struggles in relationships.

Wow. She can't get any more crystal clear that that, can she? Again, even though she lives a lot of her life with cameras following her around, she's still simply doing the best she can to keep her family together like the majority of the general population.

Can't we cut her some slack from here on out and quit assuming we know what goes on behind closed doors simply because we see small snippets of her life each week?

Leah and Jeremy are married. The end. (Or at least they're married for now.)

Do you think Leah and Jeremy will eventually split?


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