Chelsea Houska Gets a Huge Break That's Really, Really Rare

Chelsea Houska

OMG. How thrilled for Chelsea Houska are you after watching this week's episode of Teen Mom 2?!? If graduating from aesthetician school wasn't an accomplishment enough -- Chelsea went and landed herself a brand new job right there on the spot!

I mean, normally it takes some time after an interview, and a gal has to go on several before things come together -- so Chelsea should be bouncing off the walls right about now.

Can you remember the last time you were offered a job right after an interview? Yeah -- me neither.


I wonder if Chelsea knows just how lucky she is? Oh, and her new gig is at Sioux Falls' most high-end salon, so it's not like she's starting at the bottom of the barrel or anything.

Odds are good she'll have a steady client roster in no time flat, so the sky's the limit!

Congrats to Chelsea -- we all know she's going to be a huge success!

Are you proud of Chelsea?


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