Maci Bookout's Boyfriend Makes a Move That Totally Turns Her Off

Taylor McKinney Maci Bookout

Uh-oh. Looks like there might be a little bit of trouble in paradise! Maci Bookout is upset with her boyfriend because of a recent change he made to his appearance, and she isn't being the least bit shy about voicing her distaste over his decision.

You guys? Taylor McKinney has given up his beard, which you'd think would have Maci doing cartwheels or throwing a huge party or shouting "hallelujah" from the rooftops or something.

I mean, take a closer look at that thing. It's more than a little bushy, to say the least -- so why would she be bummed out by him getting rid of it?


Here's what she had to say on Twitter about him surrendering to the razor.

Seriously? Facial hair of that magnitude turns her on? Huh. To each her own, I guess -- but personally, I'm thinking Taylor probably looks a heck of a lot better without his face all covered in fuzz. A little bit of scruff never hurt anyone, but his beard was pretty darn, well, overgrown. Aren't you curious to see what he looks like now that he's all clean-shaven?

Come on Maci -- show us a pic of your smooth new dude! That silky soft skin is bound to grow on you.

Do you think facial hair is a turn-on?


Image via Instagram

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