Kailyn Lowry's New Weight Loss Plan Means She's Finally Ready to Face Reality

Kailyn Lowry baby Lincoln

She already looks great and is well on her way to shedding every single last pound she gained while pregnant with baby Lincoln, but that doesn't mean Kailyn Lowry hasn't been frustrated with how long it can take to take the weight off.

All moms want some sort of magic potion or quick fix, which is probably why Kailyn tried a juice cleanse about a month ago. That had to make her all sorts of hangry (hungry + angry) since she's still breastfeeding and all.

But now it looks like she's done with the liquid diet thing and is ready to slim down the old-fashioned way.


Check out the tweet she posted a couple days ago:

Yep. Kailyn's looking for a trainer. Which means she's ready to literally work her butt off and get her sweat on in an effort to reclaim her pre-baby physique.

As much as we all hate to admit it -- eating healthy foods and exercising regularly is the only plan that really works long term.

And honestly, she may find that getting into a good workout program helps more than just her waistline. Releasing all those endorphins is good for the soul too -- which is something every mom of young kiddos most definitely needs and deserves!

Good luck to Kailyn ... something tells me she's going to do just fine.

How did you lose your baby weight?


Image via Instagram

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