'Modern Family' Recap: Phil's Unwitting Assistant Made This Vegas Episode Pure Magic

modern family abcThis week on Modern Family, the entire clan traveled to Vegas. Not exactly the best location for good, wholesome family fun -- which is why all of the kids stayed at home. The parents managed to get into some trouble all their own. The best moment of the entire episode involved Phil's desperate final attempt to get into a top-secret magic society.

Through a series of hilarious misadventures (thank you three adjoining hotel rooms, and also thank you grand tradition of French Farce), Phil's "lame" costume change trick gets a whole lot better. Neither Phil nor special guest start Patton Oswalt knows that Gloria is hiding (nude, of course) in the closet.

She takes advantage of Phil's smoke bomb to emerge -- now dressed in the maid's outfit she scrambled into. Her horrified expression and Phil's dumbfounded reaction made the episode. It was truly great. Albeit in a very cheesy way. 


But that's cool. I really like cheese. Especially cheddar. Also gouda. Also muenster. Whatever, all of them I guess is what I'm saying. The whole episode was really on point, but this is the moment that sung the most. It was the culmination of every single mishap leading up to it and the payoff was truly sensational. I maybe slow-clapped in my apartment. It was that good. 

My only complaint about the otherwise brilliant moment was that they didn't really use Patton Oswalt as well as they could have. The episode's other special guest star (the inimitable Stephen Merchant) was used to the utmost as the hotel's butler. He was written so well that he could have been a missing cast member. I kind of hope he comes back as a semi-regular character. Though in what capacity a butler would feature in their daily, non-Vegas lives, I know not.

What was your favorite moment this week?


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