Jenelle Evans Comes Clean About Her Nasty Fight With Nathan Griffith

nathan griffith jenelle evansJenelle Evans' trip to jail wasn't even close to the most OMG-worthy part of last night's Teen Mom 2. Not only did her mom Babs do some serious mud-slinging about her daughter, but Jenelle and Nathan Griffith had a major fight. At the time, Jenelle took issue with her man reaching out to his ex-girlfriend's BFF while Jenelle was behind bars, and (unsurprisingly) she went off on him.

But as she watched last night's ep, Jenelle took to Twitter to open up about the war of words ...


Jenelle confessed:

She later replied to a fan admitting exactly how she sees her behavior now retrospectively ...

And ultimately, it actually looks like she came away from the conflict having learned quite a bit about herself, her relationship, and trust issues, tweeting to another fan:

Color me impressed! Jenelle really is starting to sound more mature -- or, at the very least, more secure in her relationship with Nathan. Although, considering her remark about Nathan's "own moments," we may see her baby daddy can get plenty fired up on his own! All that makes me think, though, is that they're actually a perfectly matched pair ...

Are you surprised by Jenelle's reaction to the televised fight? Do you think she's grown up?


Image via MTV

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