Juan Pablo Faces Some Serious Competition for Nikki's Heart

The BachelorBachelor star and "winner" of Juan Pablo's heart (for what it's worth) Nikki Ferrell might not have convinced JP to say he loves her yet. But there is at least one guy on the planet who is desperate for her to hear his tender words of love. And he's not a crazy stalker, so that's good! Nikki's ex-boyfriend Ryan McDill is speaking out about Nikki. Unlike other ex-boyfriends, Ryan's got nothing but good things to say about the girl he considers to be "the one who got away."

Ryan still has feelings for Nikki and wants to get back together with her. He's so eager for her to hear about his feelings, he's not holding back, telling all and sundry (tabloids included) how he feels in the hopes that it will garner him attention. If this is just a PR stunt, it's better than anything her current boyfriend Juan Pablo has pulled lately. Ryan seems full of regret and totally earnest. 


Ryan and Nikki's relationship, which was a serious one, ended just three months before Nikki signed up to do The Bachelor. Ryan was still having doubts about the breakup, but he didn't have time to go to Nikki with his worries since she was so caught up in the world of The Bachelor and Juan Pablo. 

He followed Nikki's progress on the show but found that he couldn't watch every single episode -- it was just too hard. Dawww. Juan Pablo better watch himself. This guy seems for real. Plus, with Nikki talking about wanting to start a family, Ryan's sudden cry from the heart might really resonate. He's quoted as saying that he can picture himself starting a family with her. Given that Juan Pablo's emotions have been tepid from go, he'd better step it up if he doesn't want to lose Nikki forever.

Do you think Ryan's for real or just looking for publicity?


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