Jenelle Evans' Mom Has Shocking Reaction to Daughter's Jail Time (VIDEO)

barbara evans screenshot teen mom 2On Teen Mom 2 last night, we went behind-the-scenes of Jenelle Evans' most recent stint in the slammer for testing positive for marijuana. Whether you caught the episode or not, we must discuss a moment that may have been even more jaw-dropping than seeing Jenelle go back to jail ... Barbara Evans' response to Nathan Griffith when he delivered the dismaying news was one for the history books!

MTV shared the clip ahead of the episode last night, and well, you really just have to see it to understand what I mean ...


Eeek ... See what I mean? Who says her daughter is "such a little bitch"? Babs seems to have a nasty tendency to go overboard when talking about or to Jenelle. Not to mention that going off like that to Nathan is definitely a bit back-biting and inappropriate.

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Sure, Jenelle screwed up, but we all know that. No need for name-calling. Especially not from someone who is supposed to be the most grown-up of the bunch!

What do you think about Barbara's reaction to the news?


Image via MTV

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