Leah Calvert Is Playing With Fire by Putting Her Trust in Her Ex

Leah & Jeremy Calvert

Ughhhh! She finally seems to be getting on with the next chapter in her life, so why in the heck is Leah (Messer) Calvert talking to Corey Simms about the problems she's having with Jeremy?

On last night's episode of Teen Mom 2, she decided to confide in Corey after dropping off their twins. She told him how Jeremy took a job that will require him to be away from the family and did not tell her about it -- to which Corey had no idea how to react without sticking his nose into business that really isn't his.


I know Leah was probably just feeling emotional about the whole deal and couldn't resist mentioning it to Corey. Still -- the last person you should turn to when you're having marital problems is your ex-husband, for crying out loud!

Um, their marriage didn't work out for a reason -- so why on earth would she think he'd have any useful advice to offer her about the obstacles she and Jeremy are running into?

Hopefully this was just a one-time deal and Leah will avoid discussing private matters (other than stuff involving the kids) with Corey from here on out; otherwise, she may inadvertently create more problems with Jeremy than she already has. (And I'm sure nobody wants that, least of all Leah.)

Would you ever confide in an ex about your marriage?


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