'Glee' Recap: It's Really Over This Time

Glee New DirectionsWell, that was ... strange? Glee aired the follow-up to its 100th episode mega reunion this week, and you can forget the vow from Gwyneth Paltrow and Kristin Chenoweth's characters to save the New Directions. The show about a high school glee club, the show named for a high school glee club ... is no longer about a high school glee club.

Confused? Welcome to the club (but not the glee club, cause that's over, y'all).


The show is supposed to go on for at least another month or so before the summer hiatus, not to mention another whole season that Fox promised us, but tonight Mr. Schuester officially flipped the light switch off on a choir room emptied of its furniture. And lest you're thinking, well, maybe it's all a trick, and they can just wheel the piano back in and set out the chairs, they surprised us with a quickie graduation in the McKinley High auditorium.

And I do mean quick. Sue Sylvester read off the names of the glee club members, plus Becky and Brittany (because remember she never graduated even though she went to MIT, and OMG, this is making my head hurt), and that was the sum total of the entire high school's graduation ceremony.

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The speed with which they ousted Blaine, Sam, Tina, and Artie from McKinley almost gave us whiplash, especially when compared to the pomp and circumstance (pun intended) that led up to Rachel, Finn, Puck, Santana, and Kurt's graduation a few years back.

But that's what the past few episodes have been ... a bullet train headed off the rails with the glee club aboard.

As of tonight, all the key members of the New Directions have officially graduated. There are about four kids left. Four kids do not a glee club make.

It's really over this time.

The glee club, that is, not the show.

Of course that just made the whole breakdown of the club more bizarre. What the heck are they going to do NOW?

Will Mr. Schue really go interview to be the coach of Vocal Adrenaline? Will we ever see him again? And what about the kids at McKinley? Is it buh bye forever or just for now?

It does look like Blaine, Sam, Artie, and even Brittany will be joining Rachel, Kurt, and Santana in New York. 

And to that I say FINALLY!

The show has never been quite the same since the first graduation with the split story lines, and a cast of characters in Lima who never quite gained the popularity of the original crew. The show has suffered in the same way that so many others that began in high school did post-graduation (hello Beverly Hills 90210!). The writers have a chance now to bring us back to the good years, to focus on the relationships that drew us to Glee in the first place.

Hopefully this whole change will be a good thing. Hopefully.

What do you think of the new direction for the New Directions? Were you surprised by that quickie graduation?


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