Nathan Griffith's Expensive Gift for Jenelle Evans Can Only Mean One Thing

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

Dang. Has her life had a total turn-around recently or what? Not only does she seem to be finally getting her act together, but she may have found her Prince Charming once and for all.

Would you believe that Nathan Griffith bought Jenelle Evans a car?!? Oh yes, he did.

Jenelle was so thrilled she thanked him via Twitter saying, "thank u for buying me such a big present. I love it. It looks so f***ing beautiful in our driveway."

(I know. So romantic.)


And don't go and assume this is some beat up old jalopy that Nathan found on Craigslist or anything like that. Jenelle also added, "That's going to take getting use to ... I don't have a gas cap on my car ... Lol #Sketchy" -- which probably means we can assume he got her an electric vehicle, not simply a car that's missing a gas cap where there's supposed to be one. (Let's hope that's not the case!)

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Man. If he really did get her a brand new electric car, he's definitely a keeper. And based on the plans Jenelle shared for her future with Nathan, it sounds like she feels like he's going to be in her life for the long haul. In turn, he must see Jenelle as a part of his big picture too. It's not every day that you go out and buy your girlfriend a new car. (Unless you're really, really into her.)

Admit it -- it's hard not to be at least a little bit happy for her.

Do you think Jenelle deserves such a huge gift?


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