'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Nathan's Response to Jenelle Going to Jail Is Surprising

Jenelle EvansThe Teen Mom 2 episode Kailyn Lowry fans have been waiting all season for finally arrived this week. Kailyn and Javi got married (again) in a gorgeous under-the-sea wedding that was hard to get through without crying buckets (seriously, MTV, where was the three-hanky warning?). But if you expected the whole episode to be all sweetness and light, I've got two words for you: Jenelle Evans.

Kail's big wedding was almost overshadowed by her co-star returning to jail for a two-day stint after failing a drug test. The two moments actually happened a full month apart in real life -- Jenelle was arrested in early August of 2013, Kail married in late September -- but that's the magic of television, folks!


Of course, we all knew the Jenelle trip to jail was coming. What we didn't know was how Nathan Griffith handled it all. Remember, this is a guy who has made no bones about how much he dislikes drug use.

Let's just say this guy has got it BAD for Jenelle. Not only did he show pretty much no reaction when Jenelle 'fessed up to having THC in her system (although MTV could have staged their interaction, who knows), he actually showed up to pick her up from jail two days later with flowers! Then when Jenelle goes all bunny boiler on him for daring to talk to girls -- even though one of the accounts of him talking on Twitter turns out to be a fake -- he ends up telling her he just won't talk to girls anymore, and the whole scene gets all lovey dovey.

Not exactly what you'd expect from a guy dating Jenelle Evans, huh?

Her mom's reaction to the whole thing was more what you WOULD expect. Babs flat out said she was glad her daughter landed in the clink because, in her words, "Jenelle thinks she's above the law."


As for Leah Calvert, we got a little more in the continuing saga of Leah and Jeremy's crumbling relationship. Jeremy is headed to New Mexico for a five-week job that he says will actually make him enough money to enable him to take a job closer to home down the line, but Leah says he needs to put family ahead of money. The problem? They're both right!

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Fortunately things are going much better for Chelsea Houska who not only graduated aesthetician school, but got her first real job in the biz! Now if only the pesky Adam situation would go away. But from the looks of next week's episode, Chels is going to have a court battle royale coming up.

And speaking of next week's episode, it looks like we're about to find out how Jace reacts to finding out he's going to be a big brother!

What did you think of Nathan's reaction to Jenelle's freak-out? Is there anything Jenelle can't do in his eyes?


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