Nikki Ferrell Is Going to Desperate Lengths to Keep Juan Pablo

Nikki FerrellI think it's about time I sit down with Nikki Ferrell and have a nice, long chat with her. Girlfriend is going all kinds of crazy these days. Despite the major red flags and warnings she's been getting about Bachelor Juan Pablo's player ways, she's still head-over-heels in love with the dude. And now, she's taking it to the next level. A big level.

Just the other day, Nikki ever so casually revealed that she has baby fever. Yes, I said it. Babies. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is NOT a drill.


Either Nikki is so blinded by love and that she doesn't realize how desperate she looks by wanting to procreate with a man who doesn't seem to care that much about her ... OR she doesn't want to lose face. As long as she keeps up this charade with Juan Pablo, all of America won't be able to say we told you so.

But I'm not sure bringing babies into the mix is going to solve anything ... so I'm hoping Nikki puts a little more thought into this before she starts rocking an adorable baby bump.

Do you think it's crazy for Nikki to announce that she has baby fever?


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