'Are You the One?' Season Finale Recap: Did They Find Their Matches?

are you the oneLast week, when the cast had 8 out of 10 matches, they only had to do one little switcharoo to find the final two. This week, the Are You the One? contestants had their chance.

With Kayla and Wes, Paige and Chris T., and Dillan and Coleysia away in their respective honeymoon suites, the rest of the cast had one task: to find the remaining two pairs and make everyone $1 million richer.


This week's challenge, "Rubdown With a Happy Ending," had the woman massaging the blindfolded men, who had to guess which female house guest was doing the "rubdowns." After the over-the-top sexual back rubs, Dre, Chris S., and Adam were the winners, who chose Ashleigh, Jacy, and Shanley as their dates.

The three dates learned they would go on an ATV-ing adventure through the Hawaiian jungle, but not before host Ryan Devlin dropped one big bombshell: Dre, as the winner of the challenge, would choose the single pair that would go into the truth booth.

And with the biggest triangle still in the house, Dre went with John and Jacy. Chris S., who has had his sights on Jacy ever since his original girl, Paige, left the house with her match, was not entirely happy. But he was plenty happy to see that his newest possible partner was not a match with John. Despite not being an official pair, John and Jacy did make out in the truth booth, so there's that.

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With that little revelation, the cast immediately knew that John and Jacy (who were matched in last week's ceremony) were wrong, so they had to be broken up, and they set about doing it at this week's match-up.

Quickly, the pairs formed, and Ethan and Amber, Chris S. and Jacy, Dre and Simone, Ryan and Jessica, Adam and Shanley, Joey and Brittany, and John and Ashleigh got together.

And after the final check-in and the host's dramatic announcement, how many matches did they get?

Final answer: 10! Translation: $1 million.

With confetti, lights, and plenty of shots later, the cast celebrated their win.

But fear not, fellow MTV connoisseurs, the show might be over, but next week's reunion show (which, let's face it, reunion shows are the best episodes of every season) will top everything we've seen all year. With updates on the couples, and maybe even a surprise engagement(!!), we're in for some more drama.


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