'The Good Wife' Shocker May Destroy the Best Show Ever (SPOILERS)

good wife alan cummingsSorry to interrupt this morning after The Good Wife and temporarily dislodge you from sobbing in fetal position, but OHMYGOD. I need to talk, people. Who wasn't shocked? I was shocked. My mind was blown (and my heart broken). I hate you, prime time bombshells.

I know, I know. Some of you haven't watched yet. But if you did and you need to talk, keep reading. SPOILERS ahead.


The episode aptly titled "Dramatics, Your Honor," opens with a not-so-subtle foreshadowing (that was totally lost on me). We slow-mo pan in on the face of Will Gardner's client Jeffrey Grant (Hunter Parrish, AKA Silas Botwin, the older son from Weeds) in court. He's clearly freaking out, looking panicked around the courtroom. He rejected a plea deal (we find out minutes later) and now he realizes everyone thinks he's guilty. Possibly even his own parents.

From there, we move on. Like it's going to be just another lovely and masterful episode of The Good Wife. Will reassures Jeffrey that he's going to get the evidence they need. Will gets more evidence a la Kalinda (of course). Things are looking up. And then they're not. And then they are. Etc. We're easily sidetracked by Kalinda telling Will she wants to quit and with Alicia Florick and the ongoing messy Case of the Stuffed Ballot Box, which is what we THINK we're worried about. What if Will breaks attorney/client privilege? What if Peter Florick is ousted as Governor? Is Eli Gold going down? Will Alicia and Will please get together soon ...

And then we're back. Courtroom. Will is pulling out all the stops with Judge Bad-Guy-From-The-Sopranos in some DNA evidence legal game even the best bullshitter in the world couldn't pull off. The drum beats begin. As Will, the opposing lawyer, and the judge whisper-squabble up at the bench, his client Jeffrey is freaking out. His eyes go to the jury, to the bailiff, to the door, and finally to the bailiff's gun holster, which is unsnapped. Don't do it! Don't do it. He's not going to do it. Oh man, he's really eyeballing that gun. Don't! Stop! We know you mom was a weed dealer, but oh wait, wrong show, wait! And BLAM. We're thrown next door where Will's partner Diane Lockhart is arguing another case. And then BLAM. Gun shots. Frick. Not good.

Honestly at this point, I'm still existing happily in total denial. Not even really worried. Are you? Even when Kalinda gets in there and finds bloody Will totally shot out of his shoe, I'm still not truly worried. It's probably just a mild but totally gushing neck wound. No problem.

But then at the hospital, Kalinda throws back that drape and that other drape and NOOOOO! The world goes black. Not the TV. The world. My world. The Good Wife, as we know it, is over.

There may or may not have been smelling salts involved, but I did come to a little to sob with Kalinda and Diane as they cried over Will and his blood-soaked gurney (now THAT's the kind of DNA that could actually be transferred by gurney, Will Gardner). And then to the ultimate worst thing ever. Kalinda calling Alicia but getting Eli, watching the blood drain from Eli's face, and Alicia taking the call and then ... true blackness. The end.

I guess I can't hate on The Good Wife producers/writers too much since (allegedly) it was Josh Charles' choice to leave the show to move on to other things. But I do have to wonder if this show can go on. I mean we're essentially left with Mr. Big without Carrie Bradshaw trying to make it with Alicia Florick without Will Gardner, and we already know that Dr. Carol Hathaway had no choice but to leave ER after Dr. Doug Ross went on to make movies as George Clooney. It's a frickin' mess. I don't see any hope. Is the show's spark gone forever now? 

What do you think about Will's death and departure? Will you keep watching?

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