'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: This Fight Between Husbands Could End a Friendship Forever

Real Housewives of Atlanta go to Mexico to fightThis week it wasn't just the wives fighting on The Real Housewives of Atlanta; the husbands jumped into the fray and their fight was actually far more dramatic than any of the other Apollo Nida/Kenya Moore nonsense that went on during the episode. Dramatic dudes aren't anything new on the show. But seldom have they taken center stage like this before. The fallout could be huge. 

When Kenya dismissed the men so that she and the ladies could have one more tequila-fueled fight on the last night in Mexico, they all inexplicably went to Kenya's bedroom (WTF) to have some heart-to-heart convos of their own. This quickly devolved into Gregg Leakes confronting Peter Thomas about the night of Kenya's charity gala. Gregg felt like Peter got in NeNe Leakes' face. He decided for whatever reason to get into this now. The hell, Gregg? 


Peter seemed as confused as I felt. He tried to explain to Gregg that he and NeNe had been having a private conversation, one where he had expressed anger with her -- in a pretty healthy and adult way, might I add. Gregg was not in the right head-space to hear anything Peter had to say. He just wanted to thump his chest and pretty soon it escalated. In spite of Peter's best intentions, it very nearly got physical. If blows had been thrown, that would make the beat-down count for the season at 2. Dramz.

I worry about what this fight means for their future. Gregg and Peter have always been so close. Nerdy as this is for me to admit, I am never not entertained by their friendship. It's always been a highlight. To think that they could now fall out over some weird, gender-role based posturing seems beyond ridiculous to me. Here's hoping they sort it out before they all fly home from Mexico. 

Do you think Gregg was right to call Peter out, or was he totally out of line?


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