New 'Bachelor' Spinoff Promises Plenty of Surprises & Very Few Shirts

The BachelorFans of the dearly-departed Bachelor Pad will be psyched to learn that The Bachelor In Paradise is headed to a small screen in your immediate vicinity. That's right, ABC just dropped this delightful bomb, and we couldn't be more psyched. As the title of the show might indicate, this spin-off will be kind of like Bachelor Pad, but set in tropical location.

Which is good for the contestants, because who doesn't love a free vacation? It's even better for us because, bathing suits. Instead of roses they should pass out swimming pool noodles. They should compete for love with rigorous games of chicken. I'm only 30% kidding. 


The press release announcing the show promises all sorts of juciness. This includes an ominous mention of "some of the most unlikely relationships in Bachelor history". I don't know what this means, but I'm excited. Unless someone announces that they are dating a parrot they met on the beach. In which case I'm not excited. Because I don't condone bestiality. 

There will still be elements that fans of the O.G. Bachelor know and love. There will be villains, and a rose ceremony, and Chris Harrison is still going to be hosting the show. Though sadly, he will probably not do so in swim trunks as I requested he do in several letters to his management team. All the same, this is definitely the cure for all fans in withdrawal post the hot mess that was Juan Pablo's season. Let's do this thang! 

Which all-stars from the Bachelor franchise would you like to see on The Bachelor in Paradise?


Image via ABC

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