Kevin Bacon Struts His Stuff to Celebrate 'Footloose' on 'Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon introduces Kevin Bacon for Footloose on Tonight ShowKevin Bacon returned to his Footloose days with a little help from Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show on Friday and it was a total delight. The bit was to celebrate the 30th anniversary (good lord) of the movie. Maybe it's because at my core there's nothing I love more than a good dance movie. Or maybe it's because Kevin Bacon's ability to poke fun at himself is second to none. Maybe it's a winning combination of the two.

Whatever the reason, his insanely hilarious dance entrance onto the show was pretty much brilliant. Jimmy set it up by reading a decree that NBC had outlawed dancing -- because of course he did. He assured the audience it was legit by showing them an actual parchment scroll. I maybe snort-laughed.


Then, they cut to the green room where Kevin Bacon was watching the opening segment. Upon hearing that dancing is illegal, he began to get his angst-ridden boogie on like no time had passed whatsoever. Can we discuss how the dude still totally has the moves? Because he does. Though not to the level of the acrobat they brought in to do some over-the-top stunts in the middle of the segment. 

This clip is just one more reason to love the new Tonight Show. It's not that I was against it going in, but come on -- I think it's fair to say that it's surpassed everyone's expectations in terms of awesomeness, yeah? Though I could just be totally biased because few things make me as happy as watching Kevin Bacon shake a tail feather. Still not gonna watch The Following though. Tried it, didn't like it. 

Quick, what's your favorite dance movie? OR, what's your favorite Kevin Bacon movie? 


Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/NBC

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