Kailyn Lowry Outraged Over Super Scary Threat Against Javi & the Kids (PHOTO)

Javi Marroquin

What the hell? I know social media is pretty much a playground for people saying whatever they want whenever they want -- but Kailyn Lowry's husband, Javi Marroquin received a really nasty and downright scary threat on Twitter.

I know the Teen Mom franchise stars and their significant others are no strangers to crazy trolls trying to tear them down, but it's obvious that they're still affected by what is said to them. And Kailyn has every right to be absolutely outraged over what's being said to Javi.

She posted this photo of a tweet he received to Instagram, and needless to say, it speaks for itself.



Seriously? I mean ... SERIOUSLY?

And then after receiving some negative feedback for choosing to share the tweet, Kailyn followed up with:

OMG. Can you blame her for being seriously freaked out? She also made a plea to her followers to let her know who is running the account if they find out who is behind it. (But odds aren't good of that happening.)

There are some pretty shitty people on the Internet -- but can you believe someone would actually say something so horrible about her children?

Hopefully this person backs off -- or has been reported and won't be bothering Kailyn or Javi in the future. Stuff like this should never be taken lightly, even if it turns out to be nothing more than someone lashing out simply because they can do so anonymously.

Would you be scared if you received a tweet like this?


Images via Instagram

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