'Walking Dead' Sneak Peek: 'Us' Brings Us Closer to Rick's Devastating Actions (VIDEO)

Walking Dead There are just two episodes remaining in season 4 of The Walking Dead, and according to producer Gale Hurd, we can expect to see "certain characters pushed to their limit — in a way the way that Carol was — in these final two weeks." You've got to hand it to AMC, they sure know how to drive the breathless hype for a series. What could impact our remaining survivors as much as the infamous "Grove" episode?

We'll find out soon enough, but if you enjoy wild speculation based on short strategically-edited clips, join me in reviewing the sneak peeks for this Sunday's episode!


Based on what's shown in the preview videos, "Us" will mainly focus on Tara, Glenn, and Abraham -- along with Daryl and that new group of no-goods led by Joe. Here's a look at Daryl having a not-so-nice chat with Len, the shitlord who strangled the guy in "Claimed" while Rick hid under the bed.

"Tell me something, was it one of the little'uns?"
Ugh, I hope Daryl stabs him in his talk-hole. Who are these guys, anyway? Are they pattered after the Marauders from the comics? And if so, where are the Hunters -- waiting at Terminus, maybe?

There are lots of half-glimpsed things going on in the "Us" promo, including Abraham's declaration that "Tomorrow, we go to the end of the line."

Here also is a look at Abraham talking with Tara, in one of the Walking Dead's signature bathroom break scenes. (What? I'm just saying, not everyone on this show should be burdened with dialogue.)

Everything seems to be leading up to a big cliffhanger, doesn't it? We've got the groups converging on Terminus, and we know Eugene's D.C. mission drives the original storyline -- so will everyone who survives the finale get back together and venture outside of Georgia?

I'm not sure, but consider this final tease from Gale Hurd, who confirms creator Robert Kirkman's statement that "we’re going to see Rick pushed to the absolute limit, and if you think you’ve seen him at the limit before, you don’t know what the limit is."

Exactly. And it’s always a question of how much can you come back from those moments, and those choices. And that’s where season 5 will take us.

HMMMMM. Well -- look away now if you want to avoid spoiler-y predictions -- I'm guessing Rick will do something similar to what he did in the comics, where he brutally, mercilessly, and gruesomely attacked the Marauders after a rape attempt was made against Carl. Just a guess! Don't hold me to it!

What do you think is going to happen in these last two episodes?

Image via AMC

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