Juan Pablo & Nikki Ferrell Raise Another Big Red Flag About Their Relationship

juan pablo nikki ferrellAre they or aren't they? Bachelor stars Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell were recently spotted in Miami at a tennis match (making duck face into Nikki's phone for a selfie), and according to an onlooker, they "looked as much like a real, happy couple as you could expect." Good for them!

Except no.

After the witness emphatically declared Juan Pablo and Nikki as an actual couple, they went on to say, "They sat together on a bench at the outdoor rooftop lounge at the Viceroy Hotel. She had her hand on his leg as he texted. Actually both of them were on their phones a lot."

They sound like the reality TV version of Romeo and Juliet. Beautiful.


Unlike many others, in the past few weeks, Juan Pablo and Nikki have managed to (somewhat) convince me that they are, in fact, dating. But hearing that they sat next to each other, playing with their phones the majority of the time? Red flag. Sitting next to each other and texting is something you do after you've been together for years, not when you first get together. When you first get together, you barely think about your phone when you're with one another.

I'm still not 100% convinced that JP and Nikki's relationship is a complete facade, but hearing this isn't exactly a great argument for otherwise. Guess we'll just have to wait to find what's really going on with them. But in the meantime, guys? Maybe don't do duckface. #notagoodlook

Do you think Juan Pablo and Nikki are really dating, or do you think it's all for show?


Image via Gustavo Caballero/Getty

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