Leah Calvert Shares Painful Picture of Surgery Aftermath (PHOTO)

Leah CalvertEarlier this week, Leah Calvert had her wisdom teeth taken out -- something which she wasn't exactly thrilled about having to put up with.

She even voiced her nervousness about the surgery on Twitter -- asking pal Chelsea Houska for reassurance that it wouldn't be that bad.

(Can you blame her for being freaked out? It's the pits.)

And while it looks as though the surgery went just fine, she's not exactly having tons of fun with the recovery process.

Check out this photo she shared via Twitter, along with an update on how she's feeling after having the procedure.

I think you'll agree that you wouldn't want to be in her shoes.


Leah Calvert

OMG. The poor thing!! She captioned the shot with, "This has been the worst pain ever!!!"

And from the looks of how swollen her cheeks are, it's clear that she's really, really uncomfortable right about now.

Hopefully the swelling will subside in another day or two and Leah will be good as new before she knows it. But man, what a buzz kill right before the weekend! 

(I feel for ya hon.)

Did you have a painful recovery after getting your wisdom teeth out?


Images via Twitter

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