'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: The Family Takes Us Behind the Scenes

Season three of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo may have officially ended last week, but that doesn't mean that we're done watching the crazy antics of the Thompson-Shannon family.

Tonight's episode, aptly titled, "Never Boo-Fore Seen," gave us new footage of the clan. And, mostly Pumpkin, who, let's face it, is the star of every episode and maybe the whole series.

Mostly, we were treated to some genuinely sweet moments. Jessica taught Alana how to ride a bike, and the proud former-pageant queen was finally rid of her training wheels. Then, Mama June and Sugar Bear's marriage counseling session showed really why Mama fell in love with the quiet, but obviously loving man: "Even those it was kinda like a hook 'em & book 'em, he wasn't all about sexual... it was more about the kids and stuff." True love, amirite?!


But granted, this is the Honey Boo Boo unit, so no episode would be complete with some ahem, interesting food challenges and entertaining hijinks. We got a glimpse behind the scenes of the family's appearance on Family Feud, or "Family Food" as Alana called it, where they squared off against another reality TV family: the New Jersey Valastros from Cake Boss fame. The bunch was far more interested in the catering area than they were in the game. Can't blame them though. Those Krispy Kremes looked mighty delicious. But once the duel began, it brought a quote goldmine.

Question: What is something parents tell their kids not to pick at? Survey says: other kids, their nose, scabs, etc. But props to Alana for pulling out the best answer. "Toe jam," she proudly stated as Steve Harvey attempted to control himself. Sadly, it wasn't on the board, but hello, it clearly should have been!

For the rest of the episode, we saw random snippets of the family's competitive nature. Whether it was leg wrestling (it's when you lay on you back, hook your legs, and try to flip your opponent over, obviously), seeing who could eat a can of spray cheese the fastest, holding Nugget (the family chicken) on your head the longest, or racing to finish a block of SPAM, the family showed us that the best games are the ones played with the family. And they clearly kept true to Mama's "making memories" mantra.

But the real highlight of the episode was Pumpkin. So while we're winding down with season 3, I will leave you with the best Pumpkin moments from this episode, because clearly, they're the main reason I watch:

  • Once, Pumpkin didn't take a bath for two weeks. That's 14 days, people!
  • "When you kiss a guy that means you got a disease on your nipples," she said. Because he carries germs and toxins. Oh, and the boy will get a urinary tract infection.
  • Pumpkin once dug a hole and did her business in the ocean.
  • "The grossest thing i've ever seen in my life was my daddy shave my mama's *** 'cause she can't shave 'em her self." I won't even touch that statement.

But next week promises to be even better (is that even possible?!) because we'll see the family struggling to keep their New Years resolutions as Anna's boyfriend prepares for a very special proposal.

Have you been keeping up with this season? What was your favorite moment?


Image via Discovery/TLC

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