'16 & Pregnant' Is Back With a New Season & The Sneak Peek Is a Tearjerker (VIDEO)

It's here, it's here! Season 5 of MTV's uber-popular reality show 16 and Pregnant is coming soon to the cable box in your living room. It returns April 29 at 11 p.m. and will feature 12 new episodes that are bound to be full of drama as we follow the lives of girls whose lives are about to change forever.

Although the series has garnered some harsh criticism for glorifying teen pregnancy, statistics show that it may actually be lowering rates by portraying the tough challenges faced by teen parents, as well as raising birth control awareness.


From MTV.com:

Next month, "16 And Pregnant” will return with 12 new episodes that demonstrate how being a parent changes any high school student’s life forever. In the new season, a star athlete will find her sports dreams derailed after a one-night stand, a pregnant teen will have to deal with her own mother’s addiction and a famously popular girl will wind up homeless when her pregnancy test yields a positive result.

Man oh man! It seems like this new season will live up to the previous ones in terms of drama, tears, and hopefully triumphs as these girls have to say goodbye to their carefree days forever and begin navigating the rocky challenges of parenthood while they're still kids themselves.

In this preview clip, we meet Madison, whose mom is very frank with her about her options -- i.e., she can't continue to live with her mom after the baby is born. If this snippet is any indication, viewers are going to want to watch the new season with a box of Kleenex.

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Are you excited to meet a new batch of Teen Moms?


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