Chelsea Houska Has an Ace Up Her Sleeve for the Custody Battle Against Adam Lind

Remember on last week's episode of Teen Mom 2 when Chelsea Houska got news that her daughter Aubree's dad had filed papers to assert his parental visitation rights? It was so frustrating for her (and us!) that Adam Lind is trying to get more custody of his little girl after four years of basically ignoring her.

While it's commendable for a father to finally step up to the plate, Adam hasn't shown that he's capable of being a reliable, consistent father to Aubree. He couldn't even show up on time or look presentable at her preschool orientation earlier this year.


I'm sure that Chelsea laments Aubree not having an involved dad in her life, but I also have no doubt that she wants what's best for her daughter. And until Adam can prove he's capable of actually being a father, she's going to fight to keep his contact with Aubree limited.

Thankfully for her, Adam's made it kind of easy for her when it comes to a custody battle. Chelsea counter-filed an official objection to Adam's request, citing his plethora of arrests, including more than a few for DUIs.

Adam, ever the mature grown-up (hahahaha -- not), didn't seem perturbed by what a judge may think about his record. He told a friend on this week's episode, "I don't know if it will be a big court fight or not ... it could be. I just don't know what they could have in their defense. What are they gonna say. I got a couple DUIs on my record but that's all she could use against me."

Newsflash to Adam Lind: If you want to spend more time with Aubree, you're going to have to grow up first, and part of that is recognizing your mistakes. DUIs are a big deal -- especially multiple one. Actions have consequences, dude.

Do you think Adam's dozens of arrests will come into play in the custody battle?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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