Latest 'Mad Men' Trailer Reveals Don Draper's Master Plan in Season 7 (VIDEO)

don draper in fetal position on couch in officeWith Mad Men returning with the first half of season 7 on April 13, Don Draper will be back on our TVs before we know it. Exciiiiting! And although AMC really doesn't need to do much at all to whet our appetites for the show, we could always use a little more from notoriously tight-lipped creator Matthew Weiner and the cast.

Thankfully, they know we fans need our Don fix, and a simple spot of him walking off a plane just isn't enough! So AMC recently dropped a new season 7 teaser trailer featuring the leading Mad Man, exclusive to The Stir.

Check it out ...


Amazing! I don't know about you, but this has me more psyched than just about anything we've seen so far! My fave is Betty ... but they're all fantastic. Sally! Joan! Of course, Peggy! Ahh! Love the women of Mad Men.

So, message here is obviously just how LOATHED Don's become by all of the people around him. But considering that his "response" to all of their gripes is the famous quote, "If you don't like what is being said, change the conversation," it looks like Don is going to be on quite the mission in season 7. Is he going to be out to clean up his bad reputation? Right all of his wrongs? Turn himself around? Maybe. Let's just hope that doesn't mean dirty, bad boy Don has to get all painfully, disingenuously squeaky clean on us again, as he did in season 5!

What's your take on this trailer?


Image via AMC

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