Jenelle Evans Sets the Record Straight on Her Baby's Unique Name (VIDEO)


Jenelle Evans

Geez. It's pretty hard to believe there are actually people out there who are confused about this -- but apparently some people don't know how to pronounce Jenelle Evans' baby's name.

She's planning on calling her new little guy "Kaiser." To clear things up for fans who aren't sure how to say it, she made a Vine video, which she shared via Twitter earlier today.

Check it out to see if you've been pronouncing Kaiser the way it's supposed to be said.


Yep. Exactly. Like a kaiser roll on a sandwich. (It really isn't rocket science.)

If anything, this will at least save Jenelle from having to correct people over and over again when they call him "Kay-ser" or "Kee-zer" or whatever after his arrival. There's nothing quite as irritating as people calling your kid the wrong name.

What do you think of Jenelle's baby name?


Image via Vine

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