Faye Resnick’s Return Is the Cure for All That Ails 'RHOBH'


Vivien This season The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was considered by many to be a snooze-fest. Its ratings were lower than its own offspring, (the exceptional) Vanderpump Rules. But that doesn't mean Bravo's ditching the ladies of the Hills. They're just making some slight tweaks to the cast. 

One of those tweaks (and what a tweak she is) could be the addition of Faye Resnick. If you've watched the show before, you've seen Faye in action. She's got no issue whipping up a steaming plate of jaw-dropping drama. That's exactly what, say its critics, the show needs.

But I don't think they've thought this through. While the addition of Faye will surely be juicy, it will also be brief. Because Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville will make amends with each other in order to kill Faye, blend her up, and feed her to Giggy as a light-if-sinewy digestif, as the French say.  


Faye is loathed by 'Pump and Brandi alike! Her only friend is Kyle Richards, and dudes, that is not saying much. Still, as an ardent admirer of the show (heart you Carlton Gebbia, may the rumors of your axing be as false as these crystals I'm keeping warm in my bra), I've got to say this rumored casting news has me licking my lips.

Seriously, they are chapped now and I am in dire need of Kiehl's. And also a life. My dermatological and mental woes to one side, Faye being cast on the show would definitely blow things up. I maybe read word of this as a possibility and said, "Aaaand boom goes the dynamite" aloud at my desk.

Casting her would cause a whole world of problems. But they would be REAL problems since all the ladies are already friends with Faye. A big part of this season's decline was all the fake friendships we were supposed to care about.

Give Carlton her own show, send Joyce Giraud and her hair home, and add Faye to the mix. There. Fixed your show, Andy Cohen. Thank me later. By having me be your bartender on Watch What Happens Live.

Would you watch Faye on RHOBH?


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