Jenelle Evans Reveals the Truth About Her Feud With Amber Portwood

Jenelle EvansDid you hear the news that Teen Mom star and recovering addict Amber Portwood finally joined Twitter? Within hours of her arrival, fans were already pitting her and frenemy Jenelle Evans against each other, warning them to watch out for cyber claws.

Things have been tense between the two reality TV fixtures recently, especially since that time Amber said that Jenelle needed jail time to really get herself cleaned up.

That all seems to be water under the bridge now, and it looks like Jenelle is calling for a truce with Amber.


Jenelle posted to Sulia:

MTV's Teen Mom star, Amber Portwood has barely joined twitter, and already my stalkers are trying to cause problems for her and I. I wish Amber nothing but the best, and hope she makes the most of her second chance at life after prison!

And just to drive the point home, she told Teen Mom Truth:

I wish Amber nothing but the best. I’m happy she’s clean, sober, and free. You can tell by watching her that she loves her daughter, and I think she’s gonna take this second shot at life seriously!

Can anyone else believe this is Amber and Jenelle we're talking about? Two of the most notorious Teen Moms seem like they're finally growing up and putting their pasts behind them. Good job, guys.

Do you think Amber and Jenelle will be able to keep their relationship drama-free?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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