‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Final Trailer Shows Incestuous Reunion No One Wants to See (VIDEO)

game of thrones season 4The final teaser trailer for Game of Thrones season 4 has been released. So apparently joy will turn to ashes in people's mouths, Cersei will get what she wants, everyone will either live in a new world or die in an old one, the Starks still may have a fighting chance, though Arya is missing, Mance has all he needs to crush hottie Jon Show, lots of folks get sliced open, the war isn't over (which war??) -- and all that with London Grammar belting out that there's a "devil inside" everyone in the background. How appropriate for a Game of Thrones trailer!

Whew. It doesn't get more dark and foreboding and violent than that, does it? Though the final second of the trailer shows a brief reunion that many fans have dreaded (SPOILER ALERT): Jaime and Cersei Lannister hooking up again after so much time apart. In case you didn't know -- and if you're reading this, you really ought to know by now -- they are brother and sister.


Of course, their incestuous relationship pretty much ignited all the action that we've seen so far throughout the first three episodes. (Remember Bran Stark catching them in the act? And Jaime pushing him out the window? This culminated into ... well, everything! Especially the dissolution of poor Bran's entire family.)

Check out the trailer for yourself:

Lots of the footage has been recycled from past trailers that have already been released, but come on, they can't give it all away.

Clearly the photo above is from a previous season, as Jaime still has both of his hands! So it'll be interesting to see how Cersei reacts to her once-physically-flawless brother. (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is HOT.) With the disappearance of his hand, he also lost a lot of his arrogance and pride, and his relationship with Brienne was always fun to watch. Still, it appears Cersei isn't initially too bothered by it in light of their passionate and icky embrace.

And all this is gleaned from just the final few seconds of the trailer. Looks like there will be lots of battles and fighting to come, from Daenerys attacking slave cities to Mance and the wildings attacking the Wall to the epic Red Viper vs. Mountain duel. Of course, poor Tyrion seems to be at a tragic crossroads as well, and considering George R. R. Martin's affinity for killing off favorite characters, Tyrion better not be next. If he thought the fan reaction was extreme to the Red Wedding, he hasn't seen anything yet if he dares to off Tyrion.

Or Dany. Or Jon Snow. Or Arya. Though perhaps Joffrey will be next?

Only a few weeks left until the April 6 premiere! Can't wait to geek out over it with you all!

Do you think Cersei and Jaime will finally pick things up where they left off?


Image via HBO

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