'Glee' Recap: 10 Most Epic Moments of the 100th Episode

Glee 100th episodeThe 100th episode of Glee finally arrived this week, and with it the epic reunion that Gleeks have been waiting for since the first crop of New Directions graduated. Finally the entire original cast -- save, of course, for Cory Monteith -- returned to the choir room to say a sad goodbye to the club in the wake of Principal Sue Sylvester's announcement that she's shutting down the program. Their final assignment? To put a new spin on some of their old songs.

For a show that's still got one season left (as far as we know), the threat of glee club extinction is rather ominous, but the writers managed to use it to throw one heckuva shindig.

Let's just talk about the most epic moments of a pretty epic episode:


1. Brittany plants one on Santana. And declares she's fighting for Brittana. You know what this means, y'all! More Brittany S. Pierce on Glee!

2. Fondue for Two returns. Brittany's public TV show is back with special guests ... and Lord Tubbington got a make-out partner!

3. Puck throws Quinn's nasty new boyfriend Biff MacIntosh (yes, like the apple) in a Dumpster. No one calls Quinn a "dirty little slutbag" and gets away with it! Not even Chace Crawford.

4. Holly Holliday gets "Happy." Gwyneth Paltrow is back! And the former McKinley substitute sang the one and only new song of the episode.

5. Puck tells Quinn he's in love with her and asks her to give him a reason to stay. And she runs down the halls of McKinley to catch up to him and tell him to do it. Sniff. Sniff.

6. Rachel and Mercedes throw a diva-off. To perhaps the best Glee song of all time -- "Defying Gravity." The votes come back and, surprise, surprise, it's a tie.

7. Brittany plays chess ... with real people. Now that she's a genius attending MIT, her pursuits have to be a bit more cerebral, but this is still Brittany we're talking about! Naturally chess for her is played by making the chess team dress up in black & white with giant hats representing rooks, pawns, and the like, while Brittany orders them around. Oh, have we missed Brittany!

8. Boozy April Rhodes returns. I'm not sure which was more fun -- her gift of flasks to Kurt and Blaine to help them with the pain of their "wedding night sodomy" or Tina's confession that April once taught her to shoplift from the grocery store by hiding meat in her vagina. Never. A. Dull. Moment.

9. Finn's photo gets a special spot in the auditorium. His plaque has been moving around a lot lately -- first from the choir room to nationals, now to a new home in the auditorium.

10. April Rhodes and Holly Holliday vow to save the New Directions. Somebody's got to fight for this thing or, well, how does a show called Glee continue without a glee club? But this also means more Kristin Chenoweth and more Gwyneth Paltrow!

What was your favorite part of the 100th episode?


Image via Adam Rose/Fox

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