Clare Crawley Makes Surprising Confession About 'Bachelor' Finale (VIDEO)

Clare Crawley

She may have gained more than her fair share of haters while appearing on The Bachelor, but after seeing Clare Crawley's new GMA interview? Yeah, you just might change your mind about how genuine you think she really is.

She could've gone on the show and ripped Juan Pablo Galavis to pieces, and honestly no one would've blamed her for one second for doing so. But instead, she remained calm, poised, and collected while opening up about how she really feels now that it's all said and done.


Oh -- and I should probably mention that she let it slip that she wasn't as surprised about being dumped as she let on during the final rose ceremony.

Here's the video of her interview.

Whoa -- can you believe it? After Juan Pablo made that horrible comment to Clare in the helicopter, she already knew in her heart it was over. She just didn't want to believe it, which is why she stuck things out until the very end.

If nothing else, at least she got the opportunity to put Juan Pablo in his place and make him look like an even bigger jerk after she walked off and he muttered, "I'm glad I didn't pick her." (What a d-bag.)

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Say what you want about how Clare conducted herself on The Bachelor, but I think she came out on top after this interview. And you know what? I'm happy that she has a new man in her life who is (hopefully) treating her with the respect she deserves. I don't care how much you loathed her during the show -- nobody (and I do mean nobody) deserves to be labeled a "f*** buddy" by the man she's falling for days before he's supposed to possibly propose.

Does this interview change your opinion of Clare?


Image via GMA

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