'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Reunion Recap: The Ladies Want to Take Lisa Vanderpump Down

lisa vanderpumpOn Monday night, the tanned, toned, and Botoxed ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sat down for their annual reunion. And as suspected, the perfectly manicured claws came out. Brandi and Kyle attacked Lisa. Lisa attacked Brandi and Kyle. Brandi attacked Joyce and told her she looked like a figure skater in her sparkly dress. The whole thing was a hot mess, and I felt like I needed a Xanax once it was over.

Let's discuss.


First of all, I thought Brandi and Joyce were cool? Last we saw, they were getting along swimmingly in Puerto Rico -- what's changed since then? During the reunion, they really seemed like they despised each other, completely rehashing all the issues they had with one another during the season. Brandi also took the opportunity to remind the world that she's "the least racist person on the planet" and she has friends and dates dudes "from all different backgrounds." Don't forget, 'kay guys? Anyway!

Perhaps the most interesting part of the reunion was when Andy asked Lisa if she was able to dish it out, but not take it. Big dramatic pause from all her costars, who clearly think that's the case. Lisa couldn't come out and say, "Yes, Andy. That's exactly right." But her hesitation and mannerisms and general demeanor during that time more or less said that she knows that that is the case. Baby steps. Oh, and also, Brandi more or less tried to insinuate that off-camera Lisa's a lush.

Overall, it was a typical reunion with lots o' ladies talking over one another and rehashing issues we all otherwise thought were squashed. It was slightly boring and grating to watch, but one thing definitely is for sure: Lisa is most certainly the odd man out.

Lastly, Yolanda's hair looks awesome. 

What did you think of the RHOBH reunion?


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