Amber Portwood Finally Joins Twitter & Almost Immediately Tweets a Frenemy

Amber PortwoodTeen Mom star Amber Portwood has made some big changes in her life recently -- namely getting clean and sober and getting out of jail -- but nothing is quite as big as the news that she has joined Twitter.

OK, not really, but is exciting news for us social media junkies that like to keep an eye on the online antics of the reality TV stars. On March 15, Amber tweeted her first official message to her fans, "Hello Twitter! This page will act as my official page/fan page. It is a work in progress but will be complete soon. It will be run by myself."


The account hasn't been verified yet, but it's been endorsed by her brother Shawn Portwood, and she's posted a few selfies, so odds are it's legit. Plus it's been two whole days, and you think with the way these TV personalities snip at each other sometimes, Amber would've been quick to put out a statement that it wasn't her.

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She was immediately warned to watch out for Jenelle Evans, who may try to make her life miserable. The two have a history of throwing barbs at each other, to say the least. Amber's cool response to the warning was, "People can try but it will be really hard to make my life miserable. ;)"

Good for her! It's hard sometimes to open yourself up to the social media world, where haters sit behind their computers and cellphones and hurl insults just because they can. But realizing that life is good no matter what people may post on your timeline is a great sign that Amber is doing really well in her recovery.

I only have one piece of advice for Amber about using Twitter -- there's a block button for a reason. Don't be afraid to use it if needed.

Are you going to follow Amber Portwood on Twitter?


Image via Amber Portwood/Twitter


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