Jenelle Evans Accuses Her Mother of Something Absolutely Ridiculous (VIDEO)

If you've watched more than half an episode of Teen Mom 2, you may have noticed that the relationship between Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara is contentious at best, destructive at worst. The mother-daughter duo have had their ups and downs over the years, but it seems like Barbara just can't lay off Jenelle, and Jenelle can't help but set her mom off.

On last week's new episode, there was yet another altercation, which this time ended in Jenelle's boyfriend Nathan Griffith exploding at Barbara that she was the reason for her daughter's heroin conviction.

In a Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment, Jenelle elaborated on what she thinks set Barbara off this time -- she's jealous of her relationship with Nathan.


Apparently, Jenelle's mom and stepdad had recently split up, and she surmised that her mom may have been having a hard time dealing with the loneliness.

Nathan added, “She feels like she has only you and Jace now ... and Jace is only 4 years old, so it’s hard to have an adult conversation with him.”

Jenelle agreed and offered, “I think she was jealous I was spending a lot more time with you and saw how happy you made me feel ... and she might’ve been a little jealous of our relationship.”

Do you think Barbara is jealous of Jenelle and Nathan?


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