'Are You the One?' Recap: Jacy Tries & Fails to Reform the 'Bad Boy'

jacy mtv are you the oneWe're officially gearing up for the end of the first season of Are You the One? and the contestants are getting closer to finding their perfect matches. At least hopefully they are.

Last week, the cast members got 7 out of 10 perfect matches. Not too shabby, but that meant that they only had three more tries to figure out the remaining duos.

So this week, after all of the house guests performed in an impromptu lingerie show (don't ask, I quickly turned away), we saw Ethan finally apologize to Amber for hooking up with Kayla. As you remember, last episode showed the explosive fight between Kayla and the rest of the house (no joke, it was literally her vs. 15 people), but Ethan had yet to admit to the truth. This week, he finally came clean.


And just in time to compete in the challenge, which was aptly named "Getting All Up in This Beach." The basis of the game was: in couples, the teams had to transport the most sand from one part of the beach to the other. The catch: they could only use the clothes on their back (read: their swimsuits). So after some interesting ahem, stuffing and accidental flashes, Ethan and Amber, Adam and Shanley, and Jacy and Chris S. placed in the top three.

The winners' date: going on a scuba diving adventure with sea turtles. All right, is it seriously too late for me to join the cast now? Because that's amazing.

But before they could embark on their underwater escapade, Ryan Devlin invited the entire cast to a beach party. Clad in all-white duds, the cast partied. Some, a bit too much.

Still upset over Jacy choosing Chris S. for the challenge, John's evening wasn't too fun. "But hey, that's what alcohol is for," he said. And then ended up wading into the Hawaiian waters.

The other couples at the party had a bit of a better time. Chris and Shanley exchanged 'I love you's and Wes and Kayla kissed for the first time. Can we all aww together now?

During the party, Ryan also dumped some interesting news on the cast: the couple that would be sent into the truth booth did not have to be one of the three couples who won the challenge. Whoa, game changer! Any couple in the house was now eligible for the nomination.

The next afternoon, the three winning couples left for their adorable scuba diving date, and Jacy took it upon herself to finally give Chris S. some much-needed constructive criticism. During the date, not once did he offer to hold her hand when they walked on the blocks or pull her chair out for her at the restaurant.

Let's take a moment here. I don't expect a guy to gingerly walk me everywhere or wait on my every move (hello, I do have working appendages), but some gentlemanly manners would be nice. And good for Jacy for reminding Chris S. of that. Ultimately, it didn't matter. He blindly shook his head and said, "yep, yep" and he pretended to scribble her advice down on a napkin. Face it, girl. Seems like those words fell on some very deaf ears. This is, after all, the same guy who admitted to tricking Paige into a hookup, so it looks like there's no reforming this self-proclaimed Brooklyn "bad boy."

When the winners returned from their date, we found out that the cast chose Wes and Kayla to go into the truth booth, who, drum roll please ... were a match! So when it came time for the matching ceremony, there were already three confirmed matches! The rest of the cast paired off: Jess and Ryan, Simone and Dre, Jacy and John, Shanley and Adam, Brittany and Joey, Ashleigh and Chris S.

While most of the matches weren't major shockers, Jacy choosing John instead of Chris S. spoke volumes. Even though they had their one-on-one time, Jacy didn't think Chris was her perfect match. Can't blame her there.

And we're finally getting closer to the prize: the cast had eight correct matches! With only two weeks left, that hopefully should be plenty of time for them to each walk away with a nice $50K in their pockets. 

What did you think of the episode? Did Chris S. take anything Jacy said seriously?

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