Juan Pablo May Have Already Cheated on Nikki Ferrell

Nikki Ferrell Juan Pablo GalavisJuan Pablo Galavis may have whisked the "love like of his life" Nikki Ferrell to a friend's wedding in the Dominican Republic this past weekend and proceeded to post mushy photos to Instagram, but things may not be as lovey-dovey as they seem. A new report in Radar Online reveals that the couple had a huge argument when they first met up in L.A. pre-"After the Final Rose," "Nikki asked Juan Pablo point blank if he had cheated on her [since the show finished filming in November 2013],” and Juan Pablo "wouldn’t even answer her," according to a source. Instead, he reportedly kept changing the subject. Ha, we can believe that!

Also, reportedly, whenever the reality show Lothario's phone would ring, he would leave the room to take the call and "refused" to tell Nikki who had called. Then, on the evening of the "ATFR," the couple “did not spend the night together,” according to the source. Wow.


Nikki supposedly wanted to spend the night with him, but he wasn't into it (probably made some excuse involving his daughter Camila, knowing him!), so they stayed in separate hotel rooms.

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Though I could see these just being fabricated lies, I could also see there being some real truth to the insinuation that JuanPabs wasn't faithful to Nikki for the last four months. You don't have to look much further than his refusal to even say he loves her publicly, or the fact that he said they were able to "starting our lives now together" after they were "freed" from the franchise. So if they were only just "starting" post-"ATFR," it stands to reason that he may not have seen himself as in a monogamous relationship before that? Also, how 'bout this photo of Juan Pablo with singer Mayra Veronica that surfaced last month? According to onlookers, the pair appeared to be on a date! Hello!

My guess is that even if JPG recently gave Nikki some sort of roundabout, half-assed promise of trial monogamy, I strongly doubt he has real plans to hold true to it. Judging from the latest, non-selfie snaps of the couple, Juan Pablo's struggling to just play the part of loving boyfriend he's cast himself in for the time being.

Let's be real: Do you think Juan Pablo was faithful to Nikki while they were apart? How about now?


Image via ABC

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