Chelsea Houska Regrets Her Big Co-Parenting Mistake (VIDEO)

Chelsea HouskaIf it's one thing Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska knows (aside from style), it's the difficulty of co-parenting with a difficult ex. You know, when Adam Lind has even been around.

Apparently the birth of Adam's second daughter Paislee has lit a fire under his rear, and now 4-year-old Aubree's mostly absent dad wants to spend more time with her. He recently served Chelsea with papers to assert his parental rights to see Aubree, which understandably had Chels pretty upset, which led to her breaking the cardinal co-parenting golden rule: Thou shall not speak badly of thy ex in front of thine offspring.


On last week's episode, Chelsea was served the papers for visitation that rocked her world. She bitched about it with a girlfriend, because duh, it sucks when you have a routine down, and your ex throws a wrench into it. Plus, she's done all the hard work through baby and toddler hood, and now that Aubree's a funny little big kid, Adam wants in on it? Pfffft.

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Anyway, Chelsea lamented to her friend about how she's been the sole caretaker of her child for along time. She said, ”I get up, get her ready, get breakfast, bring her to daycare and then I go to school ... then I bring her home, make dinner, give her a bath and put her to bed. Everyday. That’s my day. What does he do?”

"Nothing," was the response.

Then sweet Aubree piped up, "Like my dad?" Whoops.

The grown-ups said they were talking about someone else, but the jury may be out on whether Aubs knew who they were talking about. But the thing is -- kids are not only perceptive, but they are half of that person you loathe. By insulting them, your kid feels like you're insulting her.

In a “Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment," Chelsea said she regretted talking negatively about Adam in front of Aubree. ”I never want to put any opinions about him in her head,” she said. “I want her to make her own [decisions], and I don’t want her to think she can’t like him because I don’t get along with him.”

She also said that she wants to take the high road when it comes to Adam, since he likely doesn't pay her the same courtesy. "I don't know what he does," she said (this time with Aubree safely out of earshot). "I can guarantee he's like, 'Your mom's a bitch.'"

It sucks, but the high road really is the only way to travel when you are co-parenting with a difficult ex. The kids always know in the end anyway which parent consistently loves and care for them unconditionally.

Do you think co-parents should avoid talking about each other in front of the kids?


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