'Lindsay' Recap: Lindsay Lohan Confronts Her Father (VIDEO)

Lindsay LohanOn the second episode of Lindsay, LiLo continued the struggle to remain off the sauce even as life pushes her toward it with various stresses. For one, girlfriend is living in a hotel and can't seem to get the keys to her new apartment. Turns out the producer of the show was getting irritated that Lindsay kept cancelling shoots, so he held up the cash for the apartment. If it's anything this episode revealed, it's how much LiLo is living paycheck to paycheck -- which doesn't stop her family from asking for cash. Speaking of her family ...


Lindsay had lunch with her dad, Michael, and it's clear where much of her emotional issues stem from. Michael Lohan is a garrulous guy who pays a lot of lip service to loving Lindsay -- but it's clear from her recounting of her childhood that he failed her in a big way.

"You weren't good for me for a long time," she tells him.

"If that's what you want to believe," he sighs, "I accept that."

Err, no, Mike, that's not the way you accept things. Let's not forget this is the man who once sold a phone call he had secretly tape recorded of him and Lindsay to TMZ! So Michael's transgressions have not been limited to whatever he did when Lindsay was little.

Linds and her dad discuss the $48,000 that Lindsay's little brother wants for a new car -- and it seems that Lindsay is, for some odd reason, expected to help pay for this. When Michael, who apparently was going to cough up the other half, whines about child support payments, Lindsay snaps, "I don't want to talk about your two other random fucking kids. They're not my family and they never will be."

Ouch. But who can blame her?

As Lindsay tells her life coach, AJ Johnson, about her dad: "If he doesn't follow through, then I feel I have to do it. I have to take on the parent role. I've always been the adult child."

When AJ points out that she has to take care of herself, Lindsay acknowledges this is true, but seems to distrust that directive. Children who grow up with addicts often take on far more responsibility than they should or are capable of taking on -- and while they resent this, they also hold tight to their role as family savior.

"Everything can be going good, good, good, and then this little voice in my head says, 'Time to sabotage,'" Lindsay says, and finally makes the connection between this behavior and that of her father when she was a child. Things would be calm at home, but then he'd suddenly disappear for days at a time. Lindsay seems to have unwittingly learned this behavior from him.

It's no surprise that Lindsay's parents are behind much of her troubled behavior. (In fact, mom Dina is arrested for DUI in this episode.) The child stars who adapted well to adulthood had parents who were fully there for them and guided them through the snake pit of Hollywood. Lindsay never had that. She actually had to take care of her childish parents.

Luckily, she finally seems to have made the connection between her chaotic acting-out behavior and her childhood -- but whether she can change that is another story.

Do you think Lindsay's parents are partly to blame for her problems?


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