'RHOA' Recap: Kenya Moore's Relationship With Apollo Nida Gets Even More Complicated

The Real Housewives of Atlanta made me want a beach and a cocktail. Bad. The “couples” trip -- “couples” being a loose term on RHOA -- continued in Mexico this week. I wanted to dive into that pristine water (seriously, get me the hell out of Boston after this winter), but I’ll dish about the drama before I book my flight.

It was like true confessions for Kenya Moore. The. Entire. Episode. She gives Lawrence an earful about Porsha and Kordell’s “arranged marriage” over breakfast. “He thought he was getting a trophy wife and she wasn’t much of a trophy,” said Kenya. “She was more like a certificate,” Lawrence snickered. Hee hee. She also chats about her lingering issues with Apollo Nida. Basically, she’s all hot and bothered and ready to strip down at any moment.


She gets the opportunity to show her bangin’ bod right after breakfast. The peaches swap their oversized sunglasses for hard hats and their pumps for sandals (I thought sneakers may be passable because they’re in, but no) for a tour of a cave. They freak out one minute into it when they see a slithering anaconda. There was self-fanning, squealing, and even some tearing up going on (mind the falsies, ladies ... get it together), but they venture in anyway. Brave bunch.

Kenya discovers a natural spring in the cave and encourages everyone to jump into the “fountain of youth.” She strips down ... stat. I would probably shed clothes at the ready if I looked like her in a bright yellow bikini, but I digress. Everyone wants to pass except for Apollo -- but he wouldn’t dare swim with Kenya solo after Anguillagate. After some coercing, the majority joins her in the natural spring -- including Apollo and Phaedra.

Next, Kenya organizes a special walk for the women who have been supportive of her dreams of getting preggers. (Code: Everyone except for Phaedra and Porsha.) They meet up with a Shaman who leads them in a ritual to increase Kenya's fertility. There’s lots of smoke (NeNe can’t help but cough exaggeratedly), singing, and sharing about past heartbreaks and pregnancies. Kenya seems to win over some of the ladies as she lets her guard down, but I would bet my Tory Burch sneakers (they are in, I am telling you) it won’t be for long.

Later that night, Kenya crashes the guys’ get-together to confront Apollo. She saunters in while they’re rolling Cubans, drinking tequila shots, and giving Todd advice about Kandi’s mama drama. After a few shots, Kenya asks Apollo to help her pick out the next round of tequila. Originally, Todd chaperones, but Kenya and Apollo wind up sitting together to trade jabs about what went down. Apollo tells Kenya to her face that he could have sex with her if he really wanted to (balls ... serious balls), and she disagrees. Of course, that’s precisely when Phaedra walks in unexpectedly.

What do you think will happen next week when Phaedra confronts Apollo and Kenya? Will there be bitchslapping or what?


Image via Bravo

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