Jenelle Evans' Ex Might Be Coming for Her Cash

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans couldn't get rid of Courtland Rogers fast enough -- but maybe it wasn't fast enough. For he seems to think that he's entitled to some of her cash. The two were together for a nanosecond, but Courtland is bragging that his divorce attorney told him something that makes him smile. And Jenelle thinks that he means he's going to make out like a bandit.


Courtland, who was recently released from jail, tweeted:

 To which Janelle, never one to let a Courtland tweet go unanswered, responded:

Divorce laws vary from state to state, but given that Janelle has been the breadwinner, she may owe him something. Despite the fact that they separated after a few months, the pair are officially still married and she can't file for divorce until April due to North Carolina laws. But the law may cut off their shared assets on the date they were officially separated. For Jenelle's sake, let's hope so.

Do you think Courtland deserves a payout?


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