'Teen Mom 2' Is Cancelled Because It's Too Popular

Teen Mom 2Nooo!!!! Say it isn't so! Teen Mom 2 has officially been cancelled. Just breathe, it's going to be OK. Get a paper bag if you need to, because we don't want you to get a head injury in case you faint.

I suppose we knew this was coming eventually. No one's going to want to watch Teen Grandmom. Besides, it seems like the girls are all in really good places right now, so might as well end it on a high note.


That's actually the reason given by the production source that leaked the news that “there is no season 6 of Teen Mom 2 ... Season 5 is the girls’ last season.” This unnamed person that unknowingly destroyed my day revealed that MTV wanted to “end Teen Mom 2 with high ratings.”

Because we all know that girls that seem to have their crap together don't make for good ratings. (Here's looking at you, Teen Mom 3!)

And really, they do.

All boring. I guess. But we still want more! Thankfully, the source revealed that there's kinda sorta going to be an extra season anyway, because they've decided to extend season 5.

“They are extending season 5,” the source said. “But no more after that.”

AND a second source confirmed it. “Though it is not season 6, per se, it’s pretty much another season. The girls already filmed a reunion for ‘season 5′ but this season is technically ‘season 5b.’”

Phew! It's not over yet. Get your popcorn because I'm sure there's lots of drama still to be had.

Are you sad that Teen Mom 2 is finally coming to an end?


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