'Breaking Bad' Star to Join 'Sons of Anarchy'? Please Make This Happen, TV Gods

Sons of Anarchy Aaron PaulIs it too early to start getting excited about the return of Sons of Anarchy? After that OMGWHATJUSTHAPPENED season 6 finale, the next episodes can't come soon enough for us fans, and the good news is that creator Kurt Sutter is hard at work penning the seventh and final season.

The bad news is that we still have to wait until early September to see what happens next. But here's a thrilling tidbit from Sutter himself: when asked to pick his dream actor or actress for the final season, he mentioned someone from Breaking Bad. As in, one of our favorite Breaking Bad characters, someone who would be absolutely PERFECT on SoA.


Here's a little hint:

That's right, Sutter wants Aaron Paul on his show. Check out his Twitter post:


Uh, best idea ever. I would love to see that happen, although according to IMDb, Paul's got three movies in post- or pre-production, so even if he was interested (WHICH HE TOTALLY SHOULD BE), his schedule might make it difficult. Sutter's said that casting issues can be a challenge to work around:

We begin shooting end of May and we’ll premiere kind of the same time we do every year, which is sometime in early September. That’s the plan. We’re in the process of closing deals with existing co-stars and recurring characters, which is tough sometimes. Other people have got other shows so we’re trying to figure out who’s available, who’s not available and that always impacts what we’re able to do for the season.

Sutter hasn't shared much about the final SoA season, although he's gone on record saying that he's planning on bringing back some of the recurring cast like Jimmy Smits, who plays Nero, CCH Pounder, who plays Patterson, Peter Weller, who plays Charles Barosky, and Kim Dickens, who plays Collette Jane.

A guest role from Aaron Paul would be pretty great, and the Internet has already come up with a very specific idea on who Paul could play: Jax's long-lost brother.

Jax already has a half-sister in Ireland, so why not a half-brother from up north or down south? What about Paul being Gemma’s long-lost son, one she gave up for adoption years ago? That would throw some sibling rivalry Jax’s way, something he never dealt with before. Paul could show up a fine upstanding citizen and Gemma could corrupt him in a couple of episodes.

Ehh, that feels a little biker soap-opera-y to me, especially in the final act. But I'm sure whatever role Sutter gave to Aaron Paul, he'd do it justice. We'll just have to hope this dream casting actually comes to fruition, whether it's a recurring role or just a cameo.

All in favor of Jesse Pinkman joining Sons of Anarchy?

What do you think about the idea of Aaron Paul guest starring on Sons of Anarchy?

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