'Walking Dead' Sneak Peek: 'The Grove' Shows Tragedy Impacting Carol (VIDEO)

Walking Dead 'The Grove'Would you believe that there are only three episodes left in season 4 of The Walking Dead? We've got this Sunday's episode, titled "The Grove," the fifteenth episode on March 23rd, and the finale -- mysteriously titled "A" -- on March 30th. Boy, time flies when everyone's separated and dealing with various forms of angst and honing their competitive eating skills on fire-roasted snake and pudding barrels.

As always, I've got some sneak peeks at our upcoming episode. If you're all caught up on the Walking Dead, let's take a gander at what's in store for us on Sunday.


It's looking like "The Grove" will circle back to Carol, Tyreese, and the girls. Here's a sneak peek video showing everyone's favorite pint-sized psycho, Lizzie, playing "I spy a shambling animated corpse handily limp-moseying right down the train tracks so as for better long-distance viewing" with Tyreese:

Two things:


• That walker isn't moving as walker-y as most. Maybe it's actually a living person?

Now for the promo clip with brief highlights from the whole episode:

Something very bad is happening there, although it's not clear what. Is Carol crying and upset because someone got killed? Or is Carol is walking directly into a pit of zombies so as to spare someone else's (Mika's?) life?

Actually, I have another theory. I'm thinking that Carol might end up being responsible for Lizzie's death in some way. I think she knows Lizzie's not right in the head, and she's going to have to put that little girl down like a rabid dog. I have a feeling Mika's not going to make it out of this episode either, maybe because of a walker attack ... or worse, because of Lizzie.

I know, I know. Killing off two kids is pretty extreme, even for this show. But I think they've been leading up to a big HOLYSHIT moment, and the Lizzie storyline is pretty similar to the Ben character in the comics. He was a kid who tortured animals, and eventually killed his own brother because people always "come back" after they die. Sound familiar?

But who knows! I could be totally wrong! Just my unpleasant 2 cents!

Last but not least, another sneak peek, with a disturbing juxtaposition of a homey kitchen, a warming kettle, crackling music, laughter, and … well, what EXACTLY is happening outside?

Is that someone being chased by a walker? Or playing with a walker? It looks like a kid playing a weird game of tag with a zombie, which makes me think it's Lizzie -- but maybe it's someone's vision of humanity's bleak-ass future.

What do you think is going to happen in this Walking Dead episode? Do you think anyone's going to get killed off?

Image via AMC

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