Kailyn Lowry May Be Making a Bad Parenting Decision

Teen Mom 2 Baby LincolnWe know Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is a bit on the crunchy side -- that is, she’s kind of a health nut. I hereby declare that any mom who dries out, encapsulates, and consumes her placenta after the baby’s birth to be a crunchy, health-nutty mama.

Nothing wrong with that. However, there is one health decision that this Teen Mom has made for her sons Isaac and Lincoln that may not have so many parents minding their own business. Kail has decided not to vaccinate her sons.


Kailyn wrote recently, adding that Isaac and Lincoln will still be able to attend school (they just have to "fill out a specific form").

I guess she hasn’t gotten the memo that vaccinations are back, after a brief hiatus during which everyone thought they caused autism and “vaccine-preventable outbreaks” of measles, rubella, and whooping cough exploded in the U.S.

See, what happens when large portions of the population skip vaccinations, more kids are going to get those old-timey illnesses, because they haven’t been effectively eradicated like polio. The more kids get sick, the more exposure there is, the more likely your un-vaccinated child will get it.

It’s still totally up to parents whether or not they want to vaccinate their kids. And it’s totally up to us parents that do to smile and say politely to the parent that don’t, “You’re very welcome!”

Are your kids vaccinated?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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